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Worn and Welcome

The word "worn" tends to have some negative connotations. We might say that somebody is "worn out" or that an item is "worse for the wear" However, when there is so much NEW happening - a new year, new film, new goals..... something worn feels perfect to me.

I welcome a cozy sweater that I've worn so much it's extra soft. I appreciate a well-worn path that I can follow without needing to ask for directions. And I love our 50-year-old house with giant trees in the yard and history in its bones. It's weathered, but that's part of what makes it beautiful. I'm weathered, but that's part of what makes me beautiful too.

I really enjoy having processes I can count on - a process of weekly planning, budgeting my finances, cleaning my home, studying scriptures, taking care of my health, and making films. Today I was able to breeze through my morning routine and let my mind wander because these regular actions have worn a neurological pathway in my brain that no longer requires much conscious thought or attention.

Most of these processes have taken my whole life to develop. They've been refined through practice and trial and error. It's actually a challenge to teach them or articulate them because they are second-nature now. And they are very easy to take for granted or disregard.

This year, I've recognized the value of some of these processes and will be sharing some of them through the courses that Kent and I are releasing each month in our program. In January, we'll kick off the year by studying time management and specifically how to plan when you have kids, a long to-do list, and the unexpected is something you've come to expect. We'll also show you the exact process we follow to get twice as much done in half the time.

So ask yourself - what am I able to do without thinking? Most likely you have developed skills that other don't even realize you have because you do them automatically - like speaking English, typing without looking at your fingers, starting conversations with strangers, or driving a car. You don't have to develop a course, but at the very least, take a moment to notice and give yourself credit for it! You've learned and grown so much. You are truly amazing!

Have a Beautiful New Year,

Anna Thalman


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