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Garden Your Goals

"Doing the minimum consistently will create far better results than doing more inconsistently" - Jody Moore

We have minimum baselines for everything we do. Your baseline is what you do 95% of the time without thinking. It's so habitual that it has become subconscious.

You don't have to think about driving anymore. You always buckle your seatbelt, turn the keys in the ignition, shift gears, push the gas pedal, steer the wheel, check your mirrors, etc. That wasn't always the case. It was learned.

Consistent repetition creates these baselines. The little things that we repeat, no matter what, eventually become harder not to do than to do. Even on a crazy, exhausting day, you still flush the toilet. It would be hard not to, right?

You have minimum baselines with your family and film career as well. Maybe you hug your kids every morning no matter what. Perhaps you write, shoot, or edit something every week without fail. What are those baselines for you?

I challenge you to pick one area of your life that you want to improve, and raise your minimum baseline just a tad. Of course, you'll often do more than the minimum, but you can start with a goal that is so easy that you could do it right now for a month, no problem.

Like hunting, some goals require big action in short bursts. But more often, like gardening, our goals really require small actions taken every day over a longer period of time. It won't look like much now, but you'll be so pleased when you start to see the fruits of your work.


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