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It's Life or Death

" Close your eyes. Picture a lemon. See its glossy yellow skin. Hold it in your hands. Feel its ridges. Put it to your nose; imagine the clean scent hitting your nostrils. Now imagine slicing a wedge from the lemon. Watch the juice jump out as you cut through the flesh. See the oval pits. Now put that lemon wedge in your mouth. Your lips may sting on contact. Taste the acidity, the cool citrus, the freshness. Does your mouth pucker or fill up with saliva? The mere thought of a lemon can provoke an entire sensory response. You've just experienced the mind-body connection." - Dr. Nicole LePera

We're used to thinking about mental and physical health as two separate practices, but even scientists won't deny that a strong mind-body connection exists.

The placebo effect has proven time and time again that people who believe they are receiving medicine (when they aren't), experience the same healing effects as those who actually received the medication.

The nocebo effect is also scientifically proven. As an example, a patient who was mistakenly told that he had cancer and would die within three weeks, actually did. His autopsy revealed that the diagnosis was incorrect, and he was, in fact, cancer free.

Your thoughts are so powerful, they can kill you or heal you.

Now, who's to say we can't use them to create your dream film career? Let's do it.


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