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Willing to Feel

In my certification program we are currently studying feelings. It’s fascinating.

Anytime we do anything, it’s because we believe that it will produce a feeling we like.

When we don’t do something, we are usually trying to avoid a feeling we don’t like.

But our actions don’t make us feel anything. That’s backwards.

Feelings come from thoughts.

Feelings precede all of the actions we take (or don’t take)

Your current life experience is a direct result of the action you are taking or not currently in your life.

Why does that matter?

Once you know how to create your emotions, you can create emotions that drive action towards the results you want.

And we won’t always want to pick the nice feelings. Comfort and pleasure don’t produce change.

If you set goals that you think are impossible, you will feel doubt and fear.

That’s good. Goals should stretch us. If it doesn’t scare you, it’s just a to-do list item.

Are you willing to feel that? You can have any result you want in your life if you are willing and able to feel the feelings that are required to get it.


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