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Wanting More

More is always better....right? That's what we usually think as children. A child who loves treats might learn that more is not always better when he eats all his Halloween candy in one sitting and spends the next 24 hours throwing it up.

Liking something in a small quantity doesn't necessarily mean you will like it in a larger quantity. You really can have too much of even a good thing.

Remember when you find yourself longing for more, that more means more of everything. More joy, probably. But also, more responsibility. More stress. Before you scale an area of your life, make sure you are ready to scale all of it. If you are growing a business that's a little disorganized, you can expect the disorganization to complicate exponentially. If you are scaling from commercial filmmaking to feature work, expect the problems you experience on a small scale to become massive on a bigger production.

Achieving healthy balance is what we do in the Film and Family Membership. If you haven't heard about it, it's about time you did! Check it out by clicking the link above. An advanced group for those who have mastered the foundations and made their first feature film, is also currently in development. You can also tune in and learn for free on the Podcast.

I recommend starting small and building a strong foundation: a foundation of balance between film, family, and all the most important priorities in your life. The best time to take it all to the next level, is once you've achieved a healthy balance you feel good about.

If you find yourself longing for more, I want to invite you to take a step back and realistically assess if more is actually what you want. Are you really ready for all of it to grow? The good and the bad?

If you feel impatient you most likely are not ready. You're probably still believing that more is better. More is not better. It's just bigger. When you continuously nurture what you have, growth will occur naturally. In the meantime, you can prepare for everything to grow bigger by practicing being the best you can be with the life you have right now.


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