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Humans love to witness transformation. A good story pulls us in as we watch a character change from who they are at the beginning to a new version of themselves by the end.

Your life is also an on-going transformation. You are learning to use a body for the first time.

This week, I gave birth to our third child. She came with her own distinct built-in personality and a body that she has no idea how to use.

As her parent, I’ll get to witness her transformation into a spirit and body that work together as one.

Studying coaching and thoughtwork has helped me understand how our mind and body work together. We respond to circumstances in our mind, with thoughts, and our brain reads those and responds inside our bodies with emotions and behaviors.

Understanding how your own mind and body are working together can help you purposefully use the physical instrument of your body, to take action and create the results you desire in your life.

Sometimes we believe we’re just experiencing the world with our bodies. That things are just happening to us. But really, we create our experience with our minds first, and our bodies literally respond accordingly.

I would be honored to facilitate in your life transformation by helping you understand your own brain and use it to your best advantage.


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