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Time Scarcity

Time is the great equalizer. You, Oprah, and Steven Spielberg all have the same number of hours to work when you wake up, every day.

Yet most people find themselves feeling that their lives are slipping away too quickly or there isn't enough room on any calendar for all the things you would love to spend your time on.

Been there before? What if you believed instead:

There's plenty of time for everything that I'm meant to do.

There's no such thing as a waste of time as long as I'm learning.

The earth is full of so many wonderful things to choose from that I'll never be bored.

We were all given exactly the amount of time we need on this planet.

I'm fortunate to have so many choices and opportunities.

Time is just a mental construct. It's useful until you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed by schedules and deadlines. Learning to change your mindset around time and intentionally choose how you use it will make a world of difference.

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