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Symptoms vs. The Real Problem

“Your current thinking is what is creating your current life.” - Brooke Castillo

How does that thought land for you? I know I still find myself resisting it.

It’s so much easier to blame my problems on things outside of my control - luck or chance, the film industry, the government, the people around me, a lack of money, whatever.

But that keeps me stuck. It means I’m a victim of my circumstances and my problem can’t be solved.

It’s not true and that’s the best news ever! My results are 100% my responsibility and so are yours. If you don’t like them, you can change them.

Here’s the tricky part. When we try to fix our results by changing them directly, we’re actually just treating symptoms.

The real problem is your thinking, always. Your thoughts about your circumstances cause your feelings, which drive your actions, which create your results.

Everything in your current life is yours to own or change if you want to.


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