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Serve Others by Loving Others

This is a quote from my Aunt Cathy Runyan-Svacina (otherwise known as the Marble Lady). She really is a legacy, if you've met her you won't forget her. ⁣

And she really gives her life in the service of others. And she has so much fun doing it. It's the most sincere joy in service I've ever seen. She's incredible. ⁣

Just to give a few examples- she always carries little toys in case she sees a child who needs cheering up. On a hot day, she packs cold lemonade in her car in case someone breaks down on the side of the road. On a cold day she packs hot chocolate. She has a bubble wand in her car so if traffic gets bad she can blow bubbles out the window and make someone smile. She doesn't mind if people think she's crazy if it means spreading joy.⁣

My aunt stayed with our family the other day and I was reminded again how much I admire her. She changes lives wherever she goes. She reminds me somewhat of Mr. Roger's, who also didn't care if others made fun of him because he had a clear mission for his life.⁣

We love and miss you Cathy! @themarblelady Thanks for being yourself and changing the world! 💕


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