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Planning is the Highest Priority

This week I just attacked my to do list instead of doing my usual weekly plan. There were a lot of urgent things to do. I didn't think I had time to make a plan. 🙄⁣

But really I didn't have time not to plan! Without the plan my brain was scattered, I did whatever popped into my head that needed doing, was super busy, and I felt afraid that I was forgetting something the whole time.⁣

I kept asking myself, "What is the most important thing I need to be doing right now?" until I realized the only way to know was to plan like I usually do, according to priority. Which means planning is the most important thing to do on my list.⁣

I think this applies on a small and large scale. If we don’t take the time to intentionally plan and create our lives we’ll spend our days rushing around and putting out fires. There’s always plenty to do, so constraint is so much more important these days than the number of “things done.” If you want some guided help to make and execute your life plan, send me a message and I would love to set up a free first coaching session!


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