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Patience is Acceptance

Thanks to a great lesson at church today, I feel like I understand patience in a new way. ⁣

The times when we need patience occur as a natural result of something or someone not meeting our expectations.⁣

So when we feel impatient, it's a good opportunity to examine our expectations.⁣

Do we want to keep them? Have we communicated them effectively?⁣

We may decide to drop our expectations if they are not serving us.⁣

But when we want to keep our expectations, that's where patience comes in. ⁣

Sometimes I want to have high expectations for myself or my family because I believe in them and their potential. ⁣

But with high expectations comes some inevitable falling short as we learn to meet them. ⁣

I think high expectations are only useful if they're paired with high love. Which in this case looks like patience or acceptance of the inevitable falling short.


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