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Never say, "I can't afford it"

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I’m grateful for all the mindset shifts I’ve experienced, including my money mindset, which I want to address today.

I want to encourage you to never say “I can’t afford it.” Not to your kids. Not to yourself. Never.

It’s just a story. It’s not true. Even though lot of people will believe this story if you tell it to them.

Saying “I can’t” renders you a helpless victim of your circumstances. You can. God himself gave you the power to choose what you want for your life. He wants you to acknowledge and use the gift He gave you.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Most people technically “can’t afford” houses, cars, or even a college education. We rarely have enough money sitting in the bank to buy those. It’s because we value them enough, that we find a way to pay for them.

What if you had a health crisis and would die next week without an expensive operation? What if someone you loved was kidnapped and held for ransom? Would you give up and say, “I can’t afford it.”?

Of course not! You would borrow money from the bank, from a friend, from your family, fundraise, sell your car, open a line of credit, ask for your Christmas presents early, or do whatever you had to do, immediately.

What is the difference between the starving artist and the successful doctor or lawyer? Their investments. These jobs are no more guaranteed than a career as an artist. I regularly spend money on books, movies, music, and art. I have never paid a lawyer and most people hope they’ll never have to.

If you, as an artist, invested as much time and money in yourself as a doctor or lawyer does, your job would be pretty “secure” too. But most give up too soon.

Money is not the reason you aren’t doing what it takes to pursue your dream. The real reason is fear. You’re afraid to fail. You’re afraid of what people will think. You aren’t valuing the dream enough or maybe you aren’t valuing yourself enough.

You’re afraid you can’t, but I know you can. This is the mindset that I’ve learned through life coaching, and I want to help everyone learn it for themselves. If you can get over “I can’t afford it” you can change your life.


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