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Motherhood is My Most Challenging Role

I have a very supportive husband. He and I take turns working and parenting during our day. Sometimes when its my turn to clock out of work and clock into motherhood so to speak, I feel like I would rather keep working. Like motherhood is not my favorite role.⁣

I was ashamed to admit that to my coach yesterday, but she helped me see that it's not my least favorite role, but my most challenging role!⁣

I think we assume parenthood is this sideline activity that any smart parent can do well. In the media we see lots of representations of great challenges being overcome, but rarely is that great challenge motherhood.⁣

The most difficult goal I have is that of being a truly excellent mother. It requires my very best effort. It's my greatest opportunity for growth. And only because it's so hard is it one of the most rewarding things I can do!⁣


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