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Make Your Masterpiece

As you work on making your masterpiece.... Remember that the greatest masterpiece you'll ever make is your own life. It's just for you to enjoy. You can make it exactly the way you want. Sometimes it looks like everyone around you is building faster, but what if the front wall is the only one they've built? You're the only one who actually knows what it's like to live inside your life. It's Your Invisible Mansion. The majority of what I spend my time building is invisible. Do I feel discouraged when I look outside and see beautiful fronts all around me? Sometimes. Laying rows of brick around the perimeter of a mansion takes longer than one wall. But I choose to have it all slower instead of one thing faster. It takes longer and it lasts longer. I spent $20,000 and my entire 2020 becoming an expert on this process. I completed a year of training to certify as a coach. I took 10 test clients through 60+ hours of free coaching to refine my program. My clients and I are seeing massive growth. We are knocking down barriers we didn't know we had. We are finding untouched rooms full of potential. 2021 is your year for the taking. Let's build this mansion.


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