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Let's Play Poker

Life is a game of poker.

You're dealt a hand of cards.

The cards you get are random and outside of your control.

Likewise, you are born into a set of circumstances, not of your choosing.

Individual circumstances and lives are inherently unequal.

Some "cards" look a lot better than others.

And the person with the better hand isn't necessarily the better player.

How you start out is pure chance.

But the game is just beginning.

If you feel like you've received a less-than-ideal hand, you may be justified in complaining or blaming the dealer for the unfair distribution.

And you have every right to do that....

but it doesn't help you win the game.

Expert poker players make the most of whatever hand they are given.

They hone their skills and remember that they can still win.

I'll admit that I've never played poker.

I heard this analogy from my coach, Brooke Castillo.

But it makes sense and has helped me have a better perspective many times.

Do you see yourself doing this?

Do you waste your time or focus in comparing circumstances, envying others' situational advantages, or speculating what everyone else's "cards" really look like?

I know I do. And we can all do that.... but it doesn't help us win.

What if you spent less time focusing on what's unfair and more time focusing on how to make your own individual life the best it can be?

So much more productive.


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