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Investing In Incredible

What parts of your life do you want to multiply? When most people think about investing, they immediately think of money. Why is that? Money is unlimited and common. It's actually one of the least valuable resources we can invest in.

Other resources are time, knowledge, assets, your mind, and people. I'm sure there are still more I haven't mentioned. As our business grows, and we hire on more employees, we are realizing the extreme value of investing in PEOPLE. And as a side note, parenting is the ULTIMATE investment in people. "Parenting" itself isn't worth it, but the kids totally are.

Another person worth investing in is YOURSELF. By investing in your own knowledge and skills, you set yourself up for life. Nobody can take that away from you, and it's an investment that just keeps on giving. If Ryan Gosling lost everything today, he could get it all back fast because he's Ryan Gosling and everyone knows he still has talent.

As we prepare to make our feature film (production begins in about two weeks!) we also know that TIME is of the essence. Being able to keep a schedule is a valuable skill. Most time management processes are sufficient for the average white collar worker, but fall short when inconsistency is the only consistency in your life.

Our podcast "How to Do Twice as much in Half the time" releases tomorrow afternoon and the corresponding course will be available within the membership community.

We've practiced and refined our process for years so that it works with all the inconsistencies and demands of parenthood and film life. We get as much done as the average full-time worker, clocking only four or five hours a day.

And stuff still happens. We got a flat tire yesterday. Our toddler's nap schedule changed dramatically. We expect the unexpected and our process makes it easy to still get all the most important things done.

Like running a couple miles. Eight hours of sleep. Taking my kids on a bike ride this morning. Helping my son learn to sew. Homeschooling one on one. Volunteer teaching a seminary class to local youth every morning. Cooking a whole turkey for dinner. A phone call with my sister. Another pass on the script. Practicing the piano. Writing this email for you.

All in a day's work, without stress or rushing. With a feature film starting production in two weeks and a flat tire. Talk about an incredible return on investment


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