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Indulgent Emotions

How often do you feel overwhelmed, confused, worried, or anxious?

These are some of the most common indulgent emotions.

They feel useful in the moment, but they don’t actually align with creating the results we want long-term.

With most emotions, it’s healthy to process and accept them before hurrying to change them.

Processing involves paying attention to our feelings, not resisting, but letting them run their course.

Indulgent emotions on the other hand, are ones we use as an excuse to not take action.

We can actually just set them aside and get back to work.

One of my indulgent emotions is indecision. It feels so useful to weigh the options and research all the choices before I decide.

But I could do that forever and not get anything done. Which is a thing I sometimes do. Or rather, I don't do...

Anyway, the more I research all my options, the harder I make it on myself to pick one.

So I’ve put myself on a diet from indecision. No more indulging for me.

Did you know you could do that?

Just decide and move forward. And if you pick the “wrong thing,” learn and move forward. But don’t stop.

Fence-sitting hurts. Better to plant both feet on one side and go.


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