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If I Had One Wish Today, What Would It Be?

My two favorite prompts right now for doing my daily thoughtwork! ⁣

Here's my typical process:⁣

1. Pray ⁣

2. Review the thoughts I'm working on believing⁣

3. Examine any doubts or qualifiers that come up for me about them ⁣

4. Thought download (write down the answer to the questions in this post, or whatever is on my mind that I want to work on)⁣

5. Fill in thought models to see how my thinking is creating my current results and decide if and how I want to change that.⁣

Doing this work everyday had given me so much leverage on my life. I understand exactly why it is the way it is right now and I have the ability to change any part of it that I want to.⁣

I learned this from my first life coach and I'll use it forever. ⁣

Now I'm a life coach too! If you're interested in learning more about life coaching, I have free resources that I email out regularly. And I still have open spots available for new private clients. In just 3-6 months you can learn all of these principles too and have the ability to change your life any way you want to!⁣


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