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I'm Grateful for Debt

God is the best life coach! I went into my morning prayer feeling stressed about finances and apologetic about debt.⁣

You can imagine my surprise when this thought came to mind: "The debt is a blessing."⁣

It's one of those ideas that definitely comes from the Spirit because it felt so far off from what I was thinking on my own.⁣

But it was just what I needed! Debt can be misused, like most good things, but it can also be an opportunity. ⁣

It's like planting seeds and knowing that, if nurtured, the fruit will come and the work will pay off before it actually happens. ⁣

I looked up the word debt and one definition is: "a feeling of gratitude for a service or favor." ⁣

So interesting. It perfectly describes how I felt about debt in my prayer.⁣

I'm so grateful for the new perspective today.⁣


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