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I Can Feel Happy If I Want, No Matter How Others Around Me Feel

Did you know you can just decide to feel whatever you want, even if others are angry or your kids are throwing tantrums? I feel like this clicked today a little more for me and I could experience emotional independence from my children. Of course if they are really hurting, I don't want to feel happy about that! But sometimes they just decide to be grouchy and it doesn't have to ruin my day.

Letting their emotions determine mine is giving my power away to something outside of my control. It naturally leads to trying to control or manipulate others and their emotions just so I can feel better!

I had a great day today at my family reunion in Colorado, even though my kids decided to misbehave and and not nap for a chunk of the day. 🤷‍♀️ Who knew that was even possible!?


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