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I Can Feel Compassion and Strength Through Physical Pain

Let's be honest, the third trimester of pregnancy is not comfortable! Our family had a lot of fun in Colorado last week for the Berbert reunion, but we also drove a long way to get there. Today is our last day on the road and I can't wait to collapse into my own bed again tonight! My belly and back are aching on all sides.

I did some thoughtwork to decide how I want to show up when I'm in physical pain. By default, I feel frustrated and helpless and I want to complain about it.

I decided I would rather accept the pain, even get inside my body and try to really feel it or notice how I would describe it to a medical professional so I can learn about my body.

Fostering negative thoughts and emotions about it just layers emotional pain on top of the physical pain, which of course doesn't help me!

What IS useful for me is to channel this experience towards growing stronger and having greater compassion for anyone experiencing human suffering. It doesn't make the pain disappear, but it's more tolerable when it feels purposeful - similar to how exercising can feel cleansing and good, even if it hurts.


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