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Hello from the Studio

I'm reading the "yellow draft" of our feature film screenplay today. Can't wait to see what the Goldenrod and Buff revisions look like. Who came up with this crazy color system anyway?

Our family recently moved and we're all set up to work in our new home now. I'm reminded by this shift how much a workspace affects the work that you do there.

Before we bought a home, we were renting a small two bedroom apartment for our family of five. The kids shared a room and our room was a multi-purposed space. The closet was the baby's nursery and we somehow squeezed both our computers on one side of the room and a bed on the other. I am glad I no longer have to worry about typing too loud and waking the baby from her nap.

But hey, it forced us to stay streamlined and organized. Tiny home living is in style anyway now, right?

Names matter too. What do you call the place that you work? If you haven't thought about it before, here are a few ideas you can try on:

The Workshop

The Office

The Study

The Library

The Computer Room

The Gallery

The Drawing Room

The Loft

The Laboratory The Den

At first, we just called this room the office...but that was just so boring... It's amazing how much of a difference a word makes. Now we've decided to call it our studio. That one word sounds so much more creative and exciting.... don't you think?

Even adding a soundscape or changing up the lighting can add so much to the mood. Don't forget to set the mood a bit before you go into work! It's just a start, but still fun to share. What does your work space look like? What do you do to make it more inspiring or fun?

I actually like mine kind of clean, like a blank slate each day.


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