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Five Steps of Believing

As a continuation of the message from last week: What you focus on you create more of in your life. I want to give you a practical 5-step way to apply this:

1. As you think about your future, fill in the blank:

I want____________

2. Change that sentence into the present tense as though it's already done. Make it specific.

3. Add "I’m so happy and grateful that...." to the beginning

4. Practice saying this sentence to yourself every morning and night.

5. Repeat and add more sentences to practice, that help you visualize your goal better.

I used to think affirmations were silly. But I'm learning that they can work. They can help you believe things you thought you needed to have the result to believe. Even liars start to believe their own lies and those lies become their reality if they repeat them enough. So things that seem impossible to believe, with exposure, become familiar, accepted, and eventually embraced.

Practicing your beliefs will help you feel the way you would if you had the result, in advance. And as you consistently move forward, the physical result will come. It's acting. It's acting and feeling and thinking as though you already have the result.

Until you become the person who does.

Have a great week,

Anna Thalman


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