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Feelings as Fuel

I don't know about you, but in the Thalman home, we've had all kinds of emotions this week. From marvelous breakthroughs and exciting work advancements to fear and frustrations, we've had it all. And really, that's what it's like to be human! That's what makes us feel alive. It's what life is supposed to be. And I love getting to experience the whole spectrum.

One year ago, Kent and I had just finished co-writing a feature film script that we were hired to adapt from a book. We sent that script to a friend of ours, whose opinion we trusted, for feedback. He read it and told us that he had actually written a script of his own over the last year. We exchanged and when I read his script, I connected deeply with the material. We probably never would have read the script if we hadn't already spent that last year writing one of our own.

A few months later, a director would be selected for that project. Although I was in the pool for consideration, I was up against a lot of talent. I knew that in many ways, my experience as a director didn't compare to the other prospects.

I remember kneeling to pray and telling God that I really would love to direct this film. I made a commitment to Him - that I would do something to serve Him every day for the rest of my life. I hoped that in exchange, He would allow me to direct the project, but I was willing to keep the commitment, even if I wasn't selected.

I made a chart for a year and got started right away on my commitment. Very soon after, I got the job. This was a huge blessing, but it was only the beginning. I still have my chart. And I get emotional looking at it. It's crumpled, ripped, and nearly full. All that work is really paying off.

I recently started reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill because I've heard it referenced in so many business books. And it's about the power of thoughts, so naturally I was intrigued. The author teaches about goal setting and emphasizes that you can't get something for nothing. So when you set a goal, you should also decide - what am I going to give in exchange? In essence, how will I purchase that result? Now I'm seeing the wisdom in that advice.

Over the last year, my beliefs have slowly changed from "I want to be a film director someday." to "I am a feature film director." I really believe it now and get to enjoy feeling confident when I introduce myself that way. The feeling of confidence and commitment came before the physical realization of the dream, which is always what happens. Things must be created in our minds before they can exist physically in the real world, so the feeling you think you'll have when you achieve your goal, is really the first achievement.

When I approach the project with that belief, from a place of passion and confidence, I find I always know what the next step is. Because I just get to choose how I do it and there isn't a right or wrong way. It's the belief behind what I decide to do that makes all the difference. And an object in motion stays in motion until the results become inevitable. This is the process of becoming, which we'll talk about on the podcast this week and which has been on my mind as I start to see all the goals I set, now coming to fruition. And it's because of who I have become, not any stroke of luck or brilliance. I'm becoming the person who is ready to have the result. And as soon as I'm completely ready, it will be mine. This is how the world works.

It's an emotional journey. Discomfort is the price of growth, so I'm learning to accept discomfort and even welcome it and the lessons it holds in store for me. I've learned to take all the emotions I experience and pour them into the work that I do, like gasoline in a car. Feelings are fuel and I like to intentionally use them to power the work I'm most passionate about.

I hope you have a passion that allows you to do the same, whether it's at home with your family, visible to the world, or hidden deep inside, it's a beautiful thing.

Have a great week,

Anna Thalman


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