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Falling Forward

Brooke Castillo teaches a formula for success that looks like this:

# of Offers - # of No's = # of Yes's

In other words, in order to increase the number of times someone accepts your offer you have to increase the other side of the equation too. You have to offer more and you have to fail more. Failing, if you can bear it, is one of the fastest ways to move forward.

Get those first 100 bad drawings out of your system. Or the first draft of the script, even though the first draft of anything is crap. Make 100 bad pitches to people who all say no.

Our emotions can get in the way when we take our failures personally - if we make it mean we aren't good enough or that nobody seems to value what we have to offer. But that's optional and it leads to giving up.

Imagine programming a computer to try something and adjust. Then try again and adjust. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Because it doesn't have emotions to get in the way, it can learn very quickly and arrive at a result faster.

This can be your process too. Don't give up. If you really value what you offer, someone else will too. Where there's 1, there's 2. And where there's 2 there's 4. Where there's 4, there's a hundred. You don't need to change what you do, just who you offer it to and how.

Try evaluating every attempt by asking:

  1. What worked?

  2. What didn't work?

  3. What will I do differently?

Then go do it again. And learn. You don't learn nearly as much from success. You learn the most by failing. Fail forward and be unstoppable.


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