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Even This Can Be Fun!

For a while I've been working on really authentically enjoying the time I spend with my kids.⁣

I've worked on my emotional independence - being able to feel good even if they choose not to be happy. ⁣

Now I'm working on discipline and realizing that while I might not like my child's behavior, I can still feel proud of myself when I use misbehavior as an opportunity to teach them. ⁣

If I set a goal to teach them 100 times and reward myself when I reach that number, I actually kind of look forward to the misbehavior....or find myself thinking of what else I could teach them and how to do it more effectively!⁣

Its all a big experiment, but I'm finding ways to make even disciplining fun for me. ⁣

This is the kind of coaching I do for myself daily. I also teach people to do this work for themselves in as little as 3-6 months of private coaching. More info about that is on my website: 👍


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