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Are You Afraid to Share Your Dreams?

Remember when you first had the idea that you would work in the film industry or pursue an acting career? You shared it with friends and family and everyone was enamored with the idea. "Don't forget about us little people when you're rich and famous!" they would say.

But then you became an adult and something changed. The dream that once elicited excited responses now seems to be perceived as childish or irresponsible. Suddenly everyone is worried about your well-being and your parents check the fridge when they visit to make sure there's enough food for the grandkids.

When people ask what you do for a living, what do you say? Do you have a day job? Is it the same as your dream job? Do you feel confident or uncomfortable when you say it?

There's a real freedom that comes from being who you really are. Isn't it nice to be around people, when you feel like you can be yourself? Or would you rather be more appealing to others and less appealing to yourself? Even if other people love you, it feels terrible if they don't actually know the real you.

You really can't attract anybody without also repelling somebody else. You could be the most delicious piece of sushi and some people will think you are disgusting! How can that be? That has nothing to do with the value or quality of the food. Just like the sushi (or insert your favorite food here), other people's opinions of you actually have nothing to do with you. They don't tell us anything about you at all. Other people's opinions only tell us something about them.

We can't control what anyone thinks. In fact, we can't possibly even know what other people think. Usually we are just projecting our own thoughts onto those around us. You wouldn't care what someone thought of you, unless a part of you wondered if they were right. What are you afraid they will think? Is it really just a projection of something you are choosing to think?

What do you want others to think about you and your dreams? Whatever it is, THAT is your work to do on yourself. THAT is what you need to believe about yourself now in order to become the person who actually makes your dreams happen.

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