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A Deep Clean for your Mind

I recently hired an assistant and I've been delegating some housecleaning to her during the day. As I read her the list of tasks, I've noticed I actually feel proud of the amount of housecleaning I usually get done on my own in a day, despite working part-time.

And let me tell you, managing an entire home is no small task. If I don't clean my home, more than cobwebs and dust will accumulate. In just one day....

A mountain of dishes will fill the sink.

The garbage will overflow.

Bugs will find their way in.

The laundry will pile up.

Toys will be strewn everywhere.

Papers will appear on every surface.

The floor will be littered.

The bathroom will stink.

And who knows what other stains, broken items, or messes may appear! That's because my house is loved and fully used daily.

And guess what? Minds need cleaning at least as often as houses! Your mind is fully used every day too. It's going to get messy! Garbage thoughts will appear that can trip you up and make life stink. That doesn't mean that anything is wrong with you. It just means your mind could use some cleaning.

Taking 15 minutes a day for thought work can do wonders. A coaching session is like a deep clean on a Saturday. And when tidying up becomes routine, you'll like living in your own skin so much more. You'll feel clean and clear from the inside, out.

That's why I created the Film and Family Program, where I give you the tools to clean out your mind daily and ultimately remodel your life from a shack to your own Invisible Mansion.

Happy cleaning,



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