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Anna and Kent Thalman are a married writer/director duo and founders of the production studio Invisible Mansion Pictures. They have written, produced and directed The Loved and Lost, as well as various award winning short films and documentaries including Faith Count’s audience-choice winner “Light of Faith” and 2018’s Ready or Not. They co-host the Film and Family Podcast and help filmmakers transition into a feature film career in the Feature Filmmaker Academy.


The mission of Invisible Mansion Pictures is to empower families on both sides of the screen by crafting intentional films, promoting media literacy education, and coaching artists through the mastery of their craft without the sacrifice of their personal values.

Danielle Thompson (Lead Editor)

Danielle M Thompson.jpeg

Justin Sirois (VFX Artist)


Michael Whitlock (Assistant Editor)


Aaron Hinton (Editor/Colorist)

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