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Feature Filmmaker Academy

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Make your movie, or we'll give you your money back. That's our guarantee.


In the Feature Filmmaker Academy, you will be equipped to confidently finance and finish your first feature film. If any part of the process seems overwhelming or impossible now, don't worry. It won't feel that way for long.


We have broken down even the most difficult stages into simple, actionable steps that anyone can follow. We follow this process ourselves and have spent years testing, refining, and applying our proven model with other filmmakers.


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In the program, you'll download our free checklist and watch short video modules guiding you through every step. We provide live support and coaching, so you'll never get stuck or confused. Making a feature film is simple and possible for you with the resources you have available right now.

9 In-Depth Courses Cover Every Stage:

1. Get Ready

2. Write a Script
3. Assemble a Team
4. Build a Pitch Deck
5. Secure Financing
6. Pre-production 
7. Production
8. Post Production
9. Distribution

You don't graduate from the Feature Filmmaker Academy just by making any video with a 90-minute runtime. Your grandma could roll a camera for 90 minutes, but it doesn’t mean she is a professional in the industry. 

When you graduate this program, Feature Filmmaker becomes your job title. We teach you to make a film specifically designed to launch your career. It positions you to make films for a living, not a side hustle. You can keep your day job during this launching stage, but you’ll graduate ready to make a career change if you choose to. That’s our guarantee. And it’s what sets us apart from any other program, book, or school out there.

At Invisible Mansion Pictures, we strive to help filmmakers achieve the success they want in both their personal and professional lives. We'll teach you how to launch your film career  sacrificing your health, relationships, values, or your sanity.

Bonus Courses:

* Remodel Process - How to Remodel Your Life

* Confidence - Your Relationship with You

* Money Management - Multiply Your Money

* Time Management - Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time

* Health - Your Mind and Body are Your Most Important Tools

* Relationships - Boundaries, People-Pleasing, and Love Ability

* Spirituality - How to Choose Your Beliefs

* Romance - Fall in Love on Purpose


Client  Testimonials

"I was thinking about you and Kent today and how many dreams you make come true. You instill confidence in us and for each of us that makes a film, not only our dreams come true but it creates a ripple effect. Maybe the camera man who dreams of being a DP gets their chance on one of our films. Maybe the actress who has only been in shorts gets her first feature credit with one of our films. Or the writer who has won a few contests but has never seen one of his scripts become a film. The list goes on and on, with production managers, editors, production assistants etc…Thank you for making people’s dreams come true!"

- Kevin Frasure, Writer/Producer/Director

"I learned that consistency in appliance to any goal can often be the difference in succeeding or failure. Spending time towards your project every day pays dividends towards its eventual completion, and you often don't need to spend a ton of time, however the time you choose to spend must be daily and committed to! This is very valuable, as it provides an aspirant filmmaker the opportunity to communicate directly with someone who actually completed the journey at one time and is still going."

- Leland Wyrick, Writer/Producer/Director

"In the beginning I thought, 'I don't need this. I'm smart enough to figure out my own problems. Turns out, I couldn't be more wrong. What this program provides is the tools and ideology to help yourself - to actually be in control of your life.... I was hesitant before, but now I am the biggest advocate"


- James Hall, Writer/Director

"This program came at a critical point in my life when I was facing major challenges and changes....I was hopeful that this would help, but it still took a leap of faith to commit. As it turned out, it was one of the best things I could have done....what I had previously perceived to be problems were literally turned into great opportunities."

- Anonymous

"Anna was extremely helpful. She made it easy. I really enjoyed working with her and learning a broad range of tools applicable in each specific scenario I find myself in."

- Cooper Sutton, Actor

"Working with Anna was amazing! I felt rejuvenated and excited to tackle life after each meeting! I finally learned how to make actual changes in my life. The program provided the tools and instruments needed to make meaningful, positive change in my life. It was incredible!! I also super appreciated that Anna genuinely cared about me and my situation, my progress and setbacks. She is fully invested in you! I would recommend to everyone, far and wide!

- Bryson Alejandro, Actor/Producer

"Anna is very wise beyond her years. She really challenges you to get connected to your beliefs and your values. She is very chill and laid back. She makes you feel comfortable but also tells you what you need to hear. She has a true gift. She will help you reach your dreams and goals."

- Holly Christensen, Actress

"She's completely open to helping you in any aspect you need help with. I especially appreciated how Anna showed me that even if I was getting something done with a particular thought pattern, other potential thought patterns had the ability to give me a lot more fuel. I would definitely recommend Anna for creatives.

- Kristen Jensen, Actress

"I always came away from meetings feeling inspired and refreshed. Anna helped me navigate my life during some really difficult circumstances, and helped me feel more confident about facing future trials. She has a very calm presence and I felt comfortable and safe talking with her."

- Laura Wright


"Working with Anna was amazing! She really helped me to understand myself better and live life in a more positive and optimistic way. I learned so much about myself and how to grow and become the person I want to be. I finally felt capable of going after the goals I have."

- Emma Sutton, Actress


"Anna's really helped me open up and work through things I was afraid my whole life to even think about. It has profoundly improved my marriage and my perspectives on my career. I feel capable of making decisions quickly and for the right reasons. Totally life changing!"

- Anonymous, DP/Editor


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