How to Work with Us

Feature Films

I.M.P. has two feature film projects in development, both with completed screenplays and growing teams. The first project titled At the Edge of a Wood is scheduled for principle photography in July of 2020. God Fearing is another project, seeking cast and executive producers.

You can learn more about each project by clicking the links above, or emailing us at

Writing, Production, Post

The I.M.P. team includes talent in the writing, directing, cinematography, and post production departments. Post production services include editing, visual effects, and color grading.

Writing samples available upon request.

Automotive Documentaries

Automotive Restoration Stories are documentary short films that tell remarkable stories in the car community. If you or someone you know has had a vehicle built or restored with a noteworthy story behind it, you can apply here for the opportunity of having the story timelessly preserved and movingly told.


Click here to view an example film.

Aviation Legacy Films

These documentaries preserve and dramatize the oral histories of the last remaining World War II aviators. Produced in collaboration with the Commemorative Air Force Museum Dixie Wing, these films have a three-fold mission: educate and inspire younger generations, and honor the greatest generation for its sacrifices.

Apply here if you wish to nominate a veteran aviator or a "Rosie the Riveter".

Example film coming soon. 

Commercial Narratives

Our primary interest in commercial film is a narrative one. We work in both fiction and documentary forms to develop your brand through emotional storytelling.


Click here to view an example film.