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Your Toddler Brain

I like to think about my lower brain as my toddler brain. We all have a higher brain that does cognitive processing and a lower brain that operates on impulse.

The toddler brain doesn't want to wait.

The toddler brain wants to indulge the senses.

The toddler brain wants to whine when you don't get your way.

Your toddler brain is not bad. But it needs supervision.

It doesn't actually know what's good for you in the long run.

This awareness really helps me when I can sense conflicting desires inside myself. For example, "I want to eat a dessert, but I also want to be healthy." or "I want to watch a video on Youtube, but I also want to work on what I scheduled on my calendar."

These are moments when I can call on the higher brain to step in and parent.

I listen to the toddler brain without judgement. I'm compassionate with that part of myself. But I also remind the toddler brain of my decisions and values.

I'm in charge. I supervise. It doesn't mean we don't have any fun. But we also don't do anything dangerous. I've learned to embrace and cooperate with that part of myself.


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