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Travel the World from your Living Room

I once met a little old lady, who was housebound. She spent most of her time in a chair in her living room. But she didn't complain. She told me, "I travel the whole world from right here." Films were her passageway, allowing her to explore new parts of the world anytime.

Have you ever watched a film that transported you? I know I have many, many times. I love foreign films. I love being immersed in a different culture. I love how place can play a spectacular character in a story.

There are so many films that do this well, but one old favorite is Cinema Paradiso. If you can get your hands on it, this is a fantastic watch. When Toto visits the old burned theater where he spent his childhood.... heart-wrenching! Check it out:

This summer, when I flew to Utah to location scout, I had the chance to re-visit a few places where I used to spend time. Enough time has passed that it all felt so different. But I think it was mostly me who changed. My old college campus reminded me of how much I have grown and changed, which was a good feeling. But I also felt some longing as I passed through and was hit by memories like ghosts walking all around from my past.

I hope location can always be a powerful character in the stories I tell. And by the way here's a sneak peak of some photos from the location scout.... are these incredible, or what?


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