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To Know is to Love

I get this question sometimes...If I can meet all my own emotional needs, then why would I even spend time with anyone else? ⁣

BECAUSE... time with a person, is an opportunity to increase my love for them. And love feels great. It's something I want to feel often.⁣

But it's easy to spend time in the presence of others and even live in the same house and not feel like we know or love each other. ⁣

My love grows when I understand a person on a deeper level. Mostly that means listening, even observing. ⁣

It's easy to be with a person, but not be paying attention to who they are and what I'm learning about them.⁣

Sometimes, especially with my immediate family, I subconsciously assume I already "know" them and there's nothing new to know. ⁣

But that's never really true. I will never be done knowing them or loving them more. There's not enough time in the world to know any person completely. And they constantly evolve and change.⁣

Its a beautiful thing. A beautiful feeling. ⁣

Today I have time set aside when I know I'll give my full attention to the people around me, no matter what they decide to do during that time. ⁣

I know I'll love them more tonight than I do this morning. I have that to look forward to everyday if I choose.


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