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Thoughts Are So Powerful

I've been doing some amazing trainings with Stacey Boehman and this idea blew my mind today!

Basically, to get the result I want, I have to act the way a person who already has that result would act. I have to become that person first to get the result.

Whatever fear or story is holding me back in saying yes when I make decisions is also what's stopping me from saying yes to all the results in life that I want.

I've been working on my money mindset lately because the thoughts I was trying before were not working to get me the results that I wanted.

I was afraid to invest in myself for fear that it wouldn't work out, and guess what? I only guaranteed for myself that it didn't work out!

Now I'm investing in myself the way I would if I was already making the kind of money I want to be. And you know what? It's working. Thoughts are so powerful.

Also, I uploaded a new podcast yesterday about the number one coaching tool I use with my clients.


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