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Spending Focus

Have you ever thought of focus as something you get to choose to spend, like time or money? What do spend your focus on?

Your brain is an amazing tool. If you ask it questions, it will go to work for you and bring back answers. Positive questions bring back positive answers. Specific questions lead to specific answers.

What if your brain were a personal employee? What would you put it to work doing? What problems would you ask it to solve for you?

What you focus on, you create more of in your life. What you nurture, grows.

Focusing on a problem feels productive, but it actually creates more problems. Focusing on what you don’t have perpetuates more not having. Focusing on your past creates more of the same results you got in the past. Thinking “I don’t know” blocks you from accessing your own wisdom.

OR…focus on solutions and your brain will find them for you. Focus on what you do have and you’ll be able to have more. Thinking “I’m learning” creates more learning. Interesting….

Try directing your focus and see what your brain creates all on its own.


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