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2018 End of Year Music Video Competition

Rules and Guidelines

  1. You may submit up to 3 songs, each under 5 minutes in length.

  2. Songs may NOT include any promotion or reference to illicit drug use, strong profanity, sexual innuendo/descriptiveness, or racist/sexist/religious belittlement.

  3. All songs submitted should have been released or finished in the year 2018.

  4. No genre is excluded (it can be choral, orchestral, pop, rap, country, folk, or a kazoo choir!).

  5. The song(s) must be owned entirely by the person(s) submitting!  If you co-wrote it with someone, you must have legal permission to submit, or submit jointly with the owners of the property.  Winners are subject to requests asking for legal documentation, proofs of ownership, or permissions before finalization.

  6. You must live in or be willing to travel to the state of Georgia, USA to submit.

  7. Submissions are due by or before December 30th at 2:00 PM (EST).

Judging Criteria

  • At Invisible Mansion Pictures, we judge most art on the following three questions:

    • What is it trying to accomplish (ideas to generate, feelings to evoke, questions to ask)?​

    • Is it accomplishing what it set out to?  How well?

    • Was it worth saying/doing in the first place?

To Submit

Simply email with the following information.

  1. Links or copies of each song submitted.

  2. A paragraph (5-8 sentences long) introducing yourself, explaining why you have chosen to be a musician, and what your future music plans are.

  3. (Optional): 1-2 sentence descriptions of up to 3 (one per song submitted) music video concepts/ideas you may have.  (If you don't have any, no problem!  We will develop the entire project with you from scratch...if you win).

  4. If a band or group, please submit the names of all members (limit one entry per band/group).

Good Luck, and we look forward to your submissions!

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