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James Hall

[Film] is so subjective and everyone thinks they can do it. It just seems easy and glamorous on the outside and it's not. I had a dozen either outlines or the first 40 pages of scripts. I'm not kidding. All different ones, all abandoned.


I think one of the big ideas of the program that lit a spark within me, was that you can generate motivation. That's when I decided I could write a screenplay and write my first feature and get it and do it.


I made more projects after the twelve week program than I had in the last year and a half in L.A. I just started to complete stuff and it felt good.


Thinking that something is just this monumental hurdle, makes it so. Yeah, it will take some energy, but it's not going to be that bad. And it became fun!


You might be on the different spectrums of "This is weird and too far out there. It sounds like pixie dust." Or you might be like "It's just thoughts. How hard can it be?" But the truth of the matter is that it works.

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