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Make Your Feature Film
(The Greenlight Call)

Build a customized plan to make your feature film a reality. 

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You have the free checklist.

You know what to do.

Now it's time to take action.

Get the Green Light  

At Invisible Mansion Pictures, we love to give back.

Every week we open up 3 new spots for Greenlight Calls

This call is the perfect way to kick off production on your debut feature film.

  • Discover how the process we teach applies to your unique situation

  • All participants receive a downloadable 1 Year Production Timeline

  • The Timeline includes detailed production meeting agendas and tasks

  • Get custom feedback from an experienced feature filmmaker

  • Learn more about our advanced mentorship program

  • Determine if you qualify for a free trial of the Feature Filmmaker Academy


(Available on a strictly first come, first served basis) 

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