The Film and Family Academy

At Invisible Mansion Pictures, we strive to help filmmakers achieve the success they want in both their personal and professional lives.

Enrollment in the Film and Family Academy is currently open until July 1, 2021. We only accept a select group of qualifying filmmakers each quarter.  

 If you qualify, you will receive private coaching in addition to lifetime access to our library of courses. You'll master our proven model to make your first feature film (and subsequent films) until you've achieved your dream career. You'll also create an amazing personal life, so you can come home every day from work that you love to a life you love too.

What you'll get:

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Film & Family Academy Application

Please include a recent sample of your work and indicate the role you played in making it.  Clips or scenes are preferable as they give us a better idea of your storytelling ability than a reel. 


"In the beginning I thought, 'I don't need coaching. I'm smart enough to figure out my own problems. My emotions don't control me.'  Turns out, I couldn't be more wrong. What this program provides is the tools and ideology to help yourself - to actually be in control of your life by harnessing the power in your everyday thoughts and feelings. I was hesitant before, but now I am the biggest advocate and follow the model every day. So, if you truly want to be a captain of your fate and master of your own destiny, then spend the time and money to take the course. In the end, the understanding and insight you'll gain will ultimately save you much much more." 


- James Hall, Writer/Director


"Working with Anna was amazing! I felt rejuvenated and excited to tackle life after each weekly meeting! I've met with therapists and other people in the past to help me figure stuff out, but it wasn't until this that I finally learned how to make actual changes in my life. The program provided the tools and instruments needed to make meaningful, positive change in my life. It was incredible!! I also super appreciated that my coach genuinely cared about me and my situation, my progress and setbacks. She is fully invested in you! I would recommend the program to everyone, far and wide!

- Bryson Alejandro, Actor/Producer

"This program came at a critical point in my life when I was facing major challenges and changes at work, and at the same time I was struggling with some personal feelings of negativity and resentment. I was hopeful that coaching would help me through these problems, but it still took a leap of faith to commit. As it turned out, it was one of the best things I could have done. Anna helped me change my perspective and thought processes in such a way that what I had previously perceived to be problems were literally turned into great opportunities."

- Anonymous

"Anna's coaching style puts you at ease and really helped me open up and work through things I was afraid my whole life to even think about. It has profoundly improved my marriage and my perspectives on my career. I feel capable of making decisions quickly and for the right reasons. Totally life changing!"

- Anonymous, DP/Editor

"I never thought of myself as someone who would benefit from coaching, but I was happily surprised by the experience. Anna is wonderful at listening to your circumstances and providing a thoughtful and clarifying point of view. Anna really helped me realize that I need to separate my perceived opinions of my own emotions from the reality of why I am having that emotion. Anna has a very calm voice, and is able to convey her advice without judgement. I really enjoyed our sessions!"

- Anonymous

"Anna is very wise Beyond her years. She really challenges you to get connected to your beliefs and your values. She is very chill and laid back. She makes you feel comfortable but also tells you what you need to hear. She has a true gift. She will help you reach your dreams and goals and be the best family member you can be."

- Holly Christensen, Actress

"Working with Anna was amazing! She really helped me to understand myself better and live life in a more positive and optimistic way. I learned so much about myself and how to grow and become the person I want to be. I finally felt capable of going after the goals I have."

- Emma Sutton, Actress

"Anna was extremely helpful in showing me ways to break down life's situations. She made it easy. I really enjoyed working with her and learning a broad range of tools applicable in each specific scenario I find myself in."

- Cooper Sutton, Actor

"Anna is an incredible coach! I always came away from our sessions feeling inspired and refreshed. She helped me navigate my life during some really difficult circumstances, and helped me feel more confident about facing future trials. She has a very calm presence and I felt comfortable and safe talking with her. I would definitely recommend Anna as a coach for anyone who wants to improve their life!"

- Laura Wright

"I think everyone can benefit from having a good life coach, and Anna is a GREAT one. She's completely open to helping you in any aspect you need help with so you can physically see your thoughts and how they are affecting you. I especially appreciated how Anna showed me that even if I was getting something done with a particular thought pattern, other potential thought patterns had the ability to give me a lot more fuel. I would definitely recommend Anna as a coach for creatives as well as anyone who wants to actively improve their life.

- Kristen Jensen, Actress